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Dried Plum Chicken Stew with Pomegranate Sauce

This is one of my favourite made up chicken recipes. It is very simple, however extremely delicious and unique. The combination of pomegranate paste and Aloo Jangali (red sour dried plums) creates a heavenly unique sour taste. I enjoy eating any type of dried plums as a snack and in stews and specially with chicken, and I prefer sour food than sweet. This dish reminds me of Darband of Tehran.

One of the popular mountains of Tehran is Tochal and Darband. Darband is known as a favourite place for the residents of Tehran to go and have a good time with their family and friends. It is outside of city but not too far. Darband is full of restaurants, cafe and local dried fruit shops.

These shops mainly sell Lavashak (sour fruit roles), different types of sour plums, and dried sour cherries and similar dried fruits. During our visit to Tehran we would always go there and beside the beautiful traditional restaurants and delicious food, sour snack shopping was very special to me as well. I have added a link from Trip Advisor about Darband. Check out the pictures to get a better idea about my description. Also including a link from a Travel Blog called Against the Compass by Joan Toress from Spain. Joan has done an amazing job describing Darband and has taken gorgeous shots as well. DARBAND: SCAPING FROM TEHRAN TRAFFIC AND POLLUTION

Serving 2

Prep and cooking time: 45-1 hour


  • Dried Plums (using red ones which are really sour, in Farsi is called Aloo Jangali) 8

  • Chicken (choose your favourite part of chicken, I used 4 tights boneless)

  • Onion 1

  • Pomegranate Paste 1 tbsp

  • Tomato Paste 1 tbsp

  • Baby Carrots 8

  • Baby Potatoes 4

  • Salt, pepper and turmeric 1 tsp each

  • Oil


  1. Dice and Sauté onion, then add the chicken and leave it on high temperature stirring continuously, until the colour of chicken changes, bring the temperature down to medium high

  2. Add the spices, plums and carrots and stir

  3. Mix the tomato paste with one cup water and pour on top of it , repeat the same step with pomegranate paste, then stir and cover it

  4. Cook for 35 minutes on low temperature, then add the potatoes cover and cook for 10 more minutes

  5. Serve It with rice and other side dishes and enjoy.


-This dish is sour, if you prefer sweet and sour then you can add some sugar

-You can also use regular carrot and potato instead

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