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Meat Potato Samosas

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

(Sambouseh Gusht va Sibzamini)

My sister used to make this Samosa. She is a really awesome cook, and I love anything she makes, but growing up her #samosas were one of my favorites.

I don’t recall her walking me through the steps or teach me exactly how to do it, but I remember watching her while she was making it. As far as I remember mine tastes exactly the same, just hers wasn’t spicy at all.

Like any other samosa is the best to have it as soon as it’s made, hot and crispy. The best description of this Samosa is to say, imagine filling the crunchiest bread #tahdig you ever had with a tasty meat sauce and then bite it.


Serving 4-5 (20 samosas)

Prep and cooking time 1 hour


Ground beef 500g

Potatoes 2 medium size

Onion 1

Pickle 1 cup

Fresh Parsley 1 cup

Tomato paste 2 full Tbsp

Spices: salt, black pepper, turmeric, red pepper, falafel spice, chili pepper 1 tsp each

Oil enough for frying

Flour 1 Tbsp

Persian Lavash bread (flat bread)

Click on the picture below for step by step video on how to make this #heavenly #spicy #persianstyle #samosas


💖Peel the potatoes, wash and dice (very small cubes)

💖Peel and dice the onion, and set aside

💖Dice the pickles and Chiffonade the parsley and set aside

💖Mix the flour with some water to make a thick paste (shouldn’t be watery)

💖In a non stick frying pan, fry the potatoes (when lightly brown add a touch of turmeric )

💖Sauté onion, add the ground beef and keep stirring on high temperature until the color of meat completely changed

💖Add all the spices and stir, then add the tomato paste and mix well (keep the temperature high)

💖Add half a cup water, parsley and stir

💖At the end add the potatoes, mix slowly then cover and cook on low temperature for 10 minutes

💖Cut the Lavash bread in 4 equal pieces, ( one bag of Lavash bread has 5 sheet of breads)

💖Once the sauce is ready add the pickles, mix and start filling and folding the samosas, use the flour glue at all the corners to ensure it will stick well (refer to video for folding direction)

💖Deep fry the samosas until reach golden brown color

💖Serve it with your favorite sauce or side dish and enjoy

NOTE: my bread wasn’t very fresh I guess, so it was dry and it was cracking when I was folding it. Make sure the bread you choose is soft and fully cover it or put it back in the bag after cutting. (Avoid leaving it out And expose to air while making the sauce)

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