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Sour Cherries

Updated: Jul 20, 2020


Sour Cherries

One of my best memories growing up in a big Persian family consisting of 4 siblings, and three cousins was the seasonal fun kitchen work we did together. My mom and my aunt (my uncle’s wife) were both housewives, and everything in our house was homemade.

From tomato paste, jam, sour grape juice to #Lavashak (fruit roll), and much more. This meant lots of group work for all of us, which always was full of joy and laughter and off course lots of eating. In summertime when it was sour cherry seasons, we would get lots of big boxes of cherries, to make cherry jam, sour pickled cherry , and for food (there are few popular dishes in #iran made with sour cherries)

So there was lots of work involved from washing and cleaning the cherries to taking seeds out. I remember while working we would eat so many sour cherries that we would almost pass out😂, and keep in mind those cherries were extremely sour nothing close to the ones we get here.

Another fun activity was our famous Cherry Earrings. While we were working we eagerly looked for the perfect two attached cherries with the perfect stem size to use as an earring. I still giggle thinking about it, even my male cousins would do it 😊.

So this year I decided to get a big basket of sour cherries to make make sour pickled cherries, (since I am obsessed with that), use it for food, and meanwhile spend time with my daughter while working together. We both took our Cherry Earring photo, and ate lots of cherries too.

Sour Cherry Pickles:


Sour cherries 1 kg

Apple cider Vinegar (enough to fill the jar)

Balsamic vinegar 1 Tbsp


Salt 1 Tbsp

Sugar 1 tsp (optional)


🍒 Clean and wash the cherries and leave it to completely dry

🍒Use a clean and dry jar. Fill the jar entirely with cherries

🍒Fill 4/5 of the jar with Apple cider vinegar, 1 tbsp of balsamic vinegar , and add water to fill it covering the cherries

🍒Then add salt, sugar, cover the top and leave it at room temperature (your kitchen countertop or anywhere not overly warm)

🍒Don’t open the jar for 10-14 days (the longer you wait, the taste and quality will be better)

🍒Serve it with your favorite food and enjoy

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