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Traditional Persian Ice Cream

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Saffron Pistachio Ice Cream

(#Bastanisonati or #akbarmashti)

Just in time for #InternationalIceCreamDay, I decided to make a simple tutorial video on turning a vanilla ice cream to #bastanisonati .

Saffron Pistachio Ice Cream known as bastani Sonati or (#AkbarMashti ) is one of the most popular and #traditional #Persian ice creams. #Saffron, #rosewater, #pistachio and pieces of frozen #clottedcream makes this ice cream #unique and extremely #delicious.

With just few simple step you can make any vanilla ice cream to a saffron pistachio ice cream. Sometimes you buy rose water to use for baking or cooking and you have so much extra, and this is good way to use it, specially in summertime. You can impress your guests by serving this ice cream for your next event.

I made this video yesterday, and put the ice cream in the freezer, so I can take pictures and complete the video to post it today.

By the time I got to the ice cream container this morning, more than half was gone since it’s my hubby’s favorite 😊😂. I am glad there was enough left for me to take pictures ❣️


Plain Vanilla Ice Cream 1.5 L

Rose Water 3 Tbsp

Prepared Saffron 2 Tbsp

Crushed Pistachio (unsalted) 1/2 cup

Frozen left over whipped cream or frozen clotted cream

Click on the picture below for the short tutorial video👇🏻


💖Leave the ice cream out of freezer for 10-15 minutes

💖Empty the entire container in the mixer bowl

(You can use a hand mixer or whisk too)

💖Mix it using the paddle attachment of the mixer

💖Add 1 tbsp of rose water and saffron and mix, clean the sides and continue with the rest of rose water and saffron, and mix throughly

💖Now you can add the pistachios and mix it again

💖Then transfer to your desired plastic container, add the frozen whipped cream pieces or clotted cream in between, decorate the top with more pistachio.

💖Cover it entirely with a plastic wrap, put the lid on tightly and then store it in the freezer overnight.

💖Scoop and enjoy it next day

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